Jan 152013

Unfortunately the number and quality of the photos taken of the routing of the wiring looms during the dismantling was woefully inadequate! The three photos below were the only ones of any use but at least they gave a starting point for the main and dash looms.

The main, dash and alternator looms route behind the glovebox. The dash loom joing the LHS body harness in this corner The fuse boxes and wiring looms behind the centre console The dash loom behind the steering column mount

Dash Loom
The dash harness was first to be fitted and it’s fairly obvious how it is routed as it is just held in place by the protruding tabs along the dash length. The tabs were covered with heatshrink to avoid chafing. Its lateral positioning was determine by referring back to the dismantling photos and the group of mainly green and purple wires needs to be directly below the right hand fuse boxes.

Main Engine Loom
The engine and front lighting loom was next to be added. The length running in the cabin also runs behind the same protruding tabs. The loom then passes through into the engine compartment via a hole in the left hand footwell and along the upper tube of the left sub-frame. The alternator spur is fixed to the sub-frame with a P-clip. The remainder of the loom passes down, across and then up the picture frame and finally back along the upper tube of the right sub-frame. Two more P clips, on the bottom bolt of each of the upper front wishbone brackets, are used to secure the loom to the picture frame.

Alternator Loom
The alternator loom follows a similar route as the main engine loom using the same hole in the footwell. Obviously only going as far as the alternator.

Fan Looms
The fitting of the fan looms will have to wait until the fan relays and fans have been installed.

Re-wiring starts with the dash loom

Left & Right Hand Body Looms
The routes of the two body looms are a mirror image. They start just below the windscreen pillar where they are connected to the dash looms. From here they drop down and travel forward running behind a protruding tab which can be bent back to secure it in place. They then run within a indented channel on the inner sill until they reach the rear bulkhead.

They pass up the bulkhead/wheel arch join, entering the boot space via holes in the vertical section of the rear bulkhead. Inside the boot space, they run directly upwards and then rearwards behind more tabs before passing into the wheel arches via holes just behind the bootlid hinges.

EDIS Megajolt Looms
As I had opted to install EDIS Megajolt electronic ignition system this will need to be installed before the other dash components are put in but I’ll cover this installation in another entry.

A problem solved ….
One issue has now been resolved. During the labelling of the looms I found that they were missing the green & brown wire for the reverse light switch. There’s a sundries wiring pack that is needed in addition to the six main looms and it contains the separate wires such as the reverse wire, dash illumination and a few switches/gauges wires.

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