Jun 052013

The fuel lines within the boot space are made of a hard, opaque, white nylon and exit via a union mounted on the far right of the rear bulkhead. Metal piping is then used between the union, around the rear axle mounting panel and along the underside of the chassis, to the fuel filter within the engine bay.

Fuel filter just needed to be cleaned up and the filter replaced Dismantling revealed only small amounts of deposited fuel residue

The filter and union just needed to be cleaned up. So the alloy body had the ultrasonic cleaning treatment to remove the fuel residue and the other parts zinc-nickel plated. Leaving the difficult part of bending the Cunifer fuel pipe ….

Ultrasonic cleaning brought the filter lid up nicely Cleaned and re-plated; the rear bulkhead union and filter assembly

A 5/16″ diameter pipe is used for the fuel line so it is less forgiving than the brake pipes if minor tweaks are needed. The difficulty is that the entire section around the rear suspension cage needs to be bent into shape before it can be offered up. This involves bends in a variety of different planes, a sharper bends to then pass along the underside and ensuring the pipe passes through two retaining clips.

Fortunately I still had a slightly deformed original pipe to use as a template otherwise it would have been an altogether harder task. Again, as with the brake piping, I deviated from the original routing around the bolts for the torsion bar reaction plate. The only bit I’m not entirely happy with was the small section of pipe from the inline union in the engine bay to the filter which ought to be more horizontal. Still, it’s hidden by the vacuum tanks so shouldn’t stand out.

The good thing is that, now this pipe is in, the completed rear suspension cage can be fitted. Half way to a rolling chassis!!

Below are a few photos of the pipe routing:

Bulkhead fuel union Around rear suspension Double curve to underside

5/16 Cunifer pipe is used for the external piping from the rear bulkhead union to the filter in the engine bay

From the union, the pipe follows the IRS mounting section

A double bend is needed to clear the welded floor/bulkhead flange

P-clips secure pipe to chassis Avoiding reaction plate bolts Double bend to inline union

The pipe then runs underneath the car, attached to the strengthening section with P-clips

The pipe was diverted around the reaction plate mounting bolts to provide access for spanners

Another double bend is needed to pass around the welded floor/toe box flange to an inline union

Inline union to filter

Finlly from the inline union, the pipe passes behind the reservac tank (not fitted yet) to the fuel filter

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