May 092013

There’s little worth noting regarding the fitting of the windscreen washer and jets. Fortunately the chromed jets were the first thing I’d decided to install before the bulkhead pipes and wiper rack, which made it possible to fish out dropped washers and wing nuts.

The washer plumbing was left until all the heater and vacuum pipes were in place to avoid it getting in the way.

I managed to succeed in making life hard for myself by putting the washer jets in place and then attempting to fit the washer and wing nut one handed from underneath.

I’d lost count of the number of times I’d dropped either the washer, the nut or both. Finally common sense prevailed.

They could easily be moved and held in position by placing the wings of the nut between the forefingers and balancing the washer on top. The washer jet can then be screwed in from above until it had engaged with the nut, then finally tightened up from below.

My decision to insulate the internal bulkhead heater pipes also caused problems with the routing of the washer piping through into the bulkhead. The heater pipe passes very close to the hole for the washer piping and so the insulation was blocking the way.

Finally, to keep the tubing neat and tidy and away from the moving parts of the wiper rack, it was zip tied to the wiper rack frame.