Feb 012013

The map light on the underside of the dash isn’t that bright and so is being replaced by a string of three pure white LED strips; two outer 15cm lengths and a central 10cm length.

I added the middle length in an attempt to make sure the central area, where the standard bulb fitting is located, had equal illumination. The strips are backed with a 3M adhesive tape so it is simply a matter of removing the backing, pressing into place and connecting to the wiring loom via bullet connections.

Heatshrink tubing was used to tidy up the connections between the three strips and hide my dodgy soldering. All that remained was to temporarily fit the dash top to test.

Testing of the Map Light

The minimum order for the pure white LED strip was 2 metres so I had more than 1.5m left over. It seemed a waste not to use it so I looked to see if it could be used ‘tastefully’ elsewhere but was mindful of avoiding making the car look like a victim of a fight with the Halfords aftermarket department!!

A discreet light in the boot, operated when the bootlid is opened, will be covered at a later stage ….

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