May 092013

The thickness of the pipe insulation hindered the positioning of the rack in the bulkheadThe final item to install within the bulkhead was the wiper rack, which really ought to be very straight forward. However the thickness of the heater pipe insulation I’d used caused problems again. The reduced clearance stopped the entire rack to be fed into the bulkhead as one unit.

After several attempts using different angles/orientations, I conceded defeat and decided the quickest method would be to build the rack in situ.

The obvious issue being that if anything is dropped it could be a real problem fishing it out, now the pipes are all in place.

The two end splined drives were detached from the main rack frame so they could be losely fitted separately. No matter what I tried, I then couldn’t get the central splined drive and main rack frame to fit onto the two ends.

Some head scratching later and my laughable error became clear. I was trying to fit it the wrong way round, with the splined drives facing the screen rather than away from it! Muppet!

An end splined drive reconnected with the main rack frame The wiper rack finally fitted the correct way round!!

Once corrected it, unsurprisingly, fitted without any issues. The final fettling of the adjustable links and connection to the motor will be done once the screen has been put in place.

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