Sep 022013

One of the main problems during the rebuild was the lack of space to store the bonnet out of harms way. It was therefore safer to kept the bonnet on the car and only remove it when absolutely necessary.

It made the fitting of some of the engine bay components slightly more tricky although my limbo-dancing skills have improved no end!

When I was visiting Hutsons, I noticed how they had stored a bonnet while it was off the car. At the front they’d used a steel bar through the eyes of the hinges and then supported the bar on axle stands. Lengths of angled steel were bolted in place of the side bonnet catches to support the rear.

This seemed an ideal solution for the temporary storage of the bonnet and would no doubt be useful in the future. I had some left over ‘L’ shaped stock fence supports so cut these down to size for the rear support legs and purchased a metre length of 3/8″ steel bar.

To give it more rigidity a length of timber was drilled to slot over the support legs. The steel bar is a bit too thin and needs the axle stands to be place adjacent to the hinges to avoid it bending. At some stage I’ll replace it with a 5/8″ bar.

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