May 082014

The pipes hadn’t fitted first time (probably due to an oversight on their part) but you can’t fault PD Gough’s after-sales service. The problematic tail pipes were returned within a couple of days.

They had replaced the section of the tail pipe, which needs to slide over the silencer exits pipes, with a larger diameter pipe. These now fitted easily and snugly onto the silencer pipes.

One of the other issues was the geometry rearward of the silencers. The problem was the mounting brackets on the resonators were approx. 4-5 inches below the rear exhaust hanger bracket.

The returned pipes had reduce this to about 3″ so significantly less force was now required to raise the resonators to be attached to the hanger.

I’m still not 100% happy with the fitting as the rubber mounts are still subject to the fitting loading but it will do for now. When just the tail pipes had been refitted, they had a clear downward slope when they should be running horizontally under the IRS.

I think the remaining alignment problem is either due to the angle of the pipes exiting the silencers or the initial upward bend of the tail pipes. The latter will be easier to make so I’ll do this once the engine is up and running.

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  1. Starting to look magic. Love it. Dave

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