Aug 122013

As the prop shaft’s spline joint is sealed for life, the refurbishment of the prop shaft is limited to replacing the UJs and tarting it up with a lick of paint. A member of the forum has suggested Epoxy Mastic 121 for a tough rust-resistant paint that is applied to bare metal and as an alternative to POR15. So I purchased both black for the various brackets etc and aluminium for the backs of the bumpers.

The prop shaft and yokes were then wire brushed back to bare metal and then given several coats of black Epoxy Mastic. It’s a lot easier to work with that POR15 although the finish isn’t as smooth, having a noticeable orange peel effect. Oddly the aluminium paint did provide a smooth finish.

Everything was going smoothly until the final UJ when I allowed one of the roller bearings to fall into its cup. Fortunately it was fairly easy to press out and start again. To seat the new UJs the prop shaft was mounted onto the rear axle and the prop shaft given a sturdy tap with a wooden mallet in each of the four directions of the UJ. The aim was to push the UJ cups hard against the retaining circlips and loosen the stiffness in the joints.

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